How To Supporting Patient? with Dr. Maida Affan

5 Questions on Supporting Patient Engagement Through Digital Health Literacy

1. What is the biggest challenge that affects patient engagement in healthcare?

2. Why do you think we’re still dealing with the digital divide that separates patients from past generations from digital natives?

  1. Ask. Ask about the health behaviours of the patient.
  2. Advice. Once you know the sort of health behaviours patients are already used to, you would advise them to modify these unhealthy behaviours.
  3. Assess. This means assessing the willingness of the patient to change.
  4. Assist. How can you assist them in this behaviour change?
  5. Arrange. Schedule follow-ups to see how patients are progressing.

3. Why is healthcare so slow to adopt new channels of engagement that are easier to use and help reduce the digital divide?

4. How can organizations in the healthcare sector better support patients to ensure better engagement with them?

5. What are the best strategies you can think of to promote digital health literacy and empower patients?

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